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Weekly Cool Links #22 : The $499 Millennium Falcon!

Hey it’s that time again!  The links of the world, link or rama, link a dink a ding dong.  Yeah that wasn’t really funny.  So the last couple weeks were pretty busy.  On February 14th, my parents celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary, and impressive accomplishment in todays world.  Both Kelly’s parents and mine, are great role models to have.  Talking about Kelly and I, we celebrated Valentine’s day with dinner at Mr. Stox in Anaheim and then a night time trip to Disneyland.  Dinner was really good, I had their blue crab cakes and Kelly had the filet of steak.  This weekend we are going to our friend Sean and Amber’s for their daughters 1st birthday party, we haven’t seen them for awhile so that should be fun.  So that’s the update, now on to the links!  Oh wait one last thing, CONGRATS TO DREW BREES!

Food Stuff
For Super Bowl we had a small party with our parents coming over to watch the game with us, I wanted to try and cook buffalo wings, but wasn’t at all in the mood for frying them up, I found this awesome recipe two days before the game for cooking up crunchy buffalo like wings in the oven from Serious Eats, you owe it to yourself to cook them this way!  I also found this cool site that reviews all the interesting snack foods out there called Taquitos.net, they have everything from national brands to regional favorites.  Lastly if you are the type of person that is interested in trying your hand at brewing your own beer check out this quick blurb on Lifehacker about two free open source programs that will help you with your goal.

Music Stuff
I haven’t had much music stuff lately, but I had to share this awesome project that Michael Deal is working on that is a graphical exploration into the Beatles and the creation of their music.  This is a project and any true Beatles fan will want to check out.

Sad Stuff
For those that don’t know the Mars rover Spirit is stuck and can no longer move, so they have pretty much pulled the plug on the project, xkcd has a sad comic to show us that rovers have feelings too.

Funny Stuff
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you might have already seen this, but if not, check out this graphic on How to Suck at Facebook.   I’m proud to say I don’t do any of those things listed, so I must not suck.  If you saw the Google commercial during the Super Bowl (which was my favorite ad) you saw a clever use of their auto complete feature, the site Autocomplete Me turns the auto complete feature into a interesting look at what people search for on Google.

The Lego Millennium Falcon!
The Lego Millennium Falcon!

Cool Stuff
I just found this today but I wanted to pass it on, someone has taken the initiative to educate today’s men on what they need in their wardrobe, with Newbie Fashion Tips for Grown Men.  It really is a good group of tips and suggestions on how to look your best.  Wardrobe Oxygen takes it a step further, but I have to disagree with some their what to remove from your wardrobe section.  I’ve been wanting to get some Lego sets recently to put together for fun and I was checking out the online Lego store, they have a $499 Star Wars Millennium Falcon, a little more than I want to spend (it is 5000+ pieces though)…  I’ve seen a couple places recently selling recycled bottles that have had their tops cut off so you can use them as glasses, here is someone that decided they could just make them instead.  Check out this great article on the 19 Most Complex and Dangerous road in the world, I’ve seen some of these on Top Gear, the Road of Death in Bolivia looks like a bitch.  If you know me you know that Kelly and I met online, so I find the research that OkCupid is doing on their dating site is extraordinary, they recently wrote an article about profile pictures, and I highly suggest anyone that is doing any sort of online dating read their articles, they will help you make a better personal ad.  Example, Men: don’t make eye contact and don’t smile, Women: make eye contact and a flirty face.  And the last of the cool stuff, this blog post regarding the changes to the Crayola color spectrum throughout the years.

Not Cool Sports Stuff
The Chicago Cubs have thought up an complete asshole plan, they are going to charge a 20% premium on those that purchase tickets the 1st week they are on sale, and then after that they will be the normal face value.  Talk about scalping your customers.  I hope we don’t see this become a trend.  (edit, this is nothing new they have been doing it for 8 years.)

Cool Videos
Some geeks have figured out an awesome use for Microsoft’s surface, Dungeons and Dragons!

D&D on the Microsoft Surface from CrunchGear on Vimeo.

Hot Tub Time Machine will be the movie event of the year!

Someone has edited all the violence from the 2010 Super Bowl commercials into one epic Youtube video.

And last but not least does this sound familiar?

Weekly Cool Links #4 – 05.01.09 edition

Wow, talk about a cool links week. I got so much stuff to share it’s going to take me all night to write this post! First off let’s start with my picture of the week.

Space Shuttle - 747 Mount
Space Shuttle - 747 Mount

So it was a really busy week for links I added a new tool to assist me in collecting everything I want to share. Hopefully someone is reading this and finding something worthwhile, other then my wife Kelly (hi sweetie).

They have found what was killing off honey bees!  Very cool that they have found the cause and the cure for the honey bee population, this is a very big deal.  Bees might scare people but they are very important to our lives and the ecosystem.  I haven’t used this yet since I haven’t gone on a trip recently but if you need help packing you might want to check out Packwhiz, which helps you figure out what to take for the type and length of trip.

If you use Netflix to get your movie fix like we do then check out FeedFlix which will aggregate all your NetFlix data and tell you how much you really are paying for that 3 movie subscription that you only use 2-3 times a month!  Just check out mine, we slacked for a number of months because of our move so now it’s time to play catch up. I found out about Feedflix via Leo Leporte at TWiT.

If you are into Twitter, then check out Tweeting Too Hard, a website all about people that appear to be trying to hard on their Twittering (hopefully I’m not on there!), I suggest you check out the All-time Top.  I found this link courtesy of Net@Night one of my favorite podcasts to listen to.

Let’s check out some sports stuff from around the internet.  The tennis community is all a buzz about a girl that might end up being the next Anna Kournikova, her name is Simona Halep and you can be the judge if she might be the next big bust in tennis.  As my close friends can tell you I’ve never really thought Anna was all that the majority of the sports community (read: men) tried to push.  There are two new baseball games to check out from the internet, first one is the Massive Multiplayer Online – MMobsaeball, you can play it right through your browser and basically all you do is train your player and the website does the rest.  It’s gone through some major growing pains since it’s beta launch 2 days ago, so expect more until they work those out.  The next baseball game is Perfect Game 2009, brought to you from the home of text baseball Germany!  I don’t know what it is but those Germans love to make baseball simulation games.  Lastly if you didn’t get the press release the Lingerie Football League is a GO and kickoff is slated for 09.04.09!  Now to just figure out what team I like the most…

Lingerie Football League
Lingerie Football League

A couple tech things I read this week.  Windows 7 will have a Virtual Windows XP mode, there was some talk that users would have to have a copy of XP for it to work but that has been denied.  This will be a big push to get companies to move up to 7 I think, looking forward to the release (although I have been a big fan of Vista, haven’t had any issues).  Talking about Windows, ReactOS which is a operating system built from the ground up to be like Windows but also be open source has reached a milestone with the .3.9 release.

I also have a question to anyone that is still out there reading this, what recent PC game should I buy?  I see that Steam has Left 4 Dead priced at only $24 bucks this week and I’m wondering if I should get that or something else  like Demigod (the Maximum PC guys have been talking about that on their podcast).

And lastly, videos of the week!  I have three to share but only one I will actually post here on the site.  The Hunt for Gollum is a Tolkien fan production that looks like it might be pretty good once completed.  Check out how huge memory was back in the 50’s with this video of Mercury Delay Line Memory.  And lastly I leave you with the funniest thing I’ve watched all week from the Fine Brothers it’s a Lost parody that they make with action figures!

Have a great weekend!  I’m on vacation next week so I’m not sure if I will have much to share, but I’ll see what I come up with!

New TV

We bought a new 27in LCD HDTV for our bedroom today.  Olevia 227v is an awesome TV for the price $449.99.  Very impressed by the picture of the TV.  Now I just need to get another one of those cheap HDMI cables online so I can connect my Xbox 360 from time to time in the bedroom.

Other news, 49ers are 2-0!  Another close game, but I’ll take the win any day.  Unfortunately the Charges couldn’t get anything going and lost the late game last night.  And the Dodgers couldn’t get the sweep on the D-backs.  We need to get a winning streak, especially with only 4 series left, COL, ARI, COL, and finishing with San Fran.

What happen to Barry Bonds?  Ever since he broke the record I haven’t heard a single thing about him.  Is he still playing baseball?  I don’t even know what the home run record is.  It’s amazing how he’s dropped off everyone’s radar.  How about Frank Thomas and 3 dingers tonight!  And last but not least one of my favorite players of all time hit his 500th homerun, Jim Thome hit his 500th against the Angles yesterday!  Just an awesome feat.