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My Neglected Blog!

I realize I’ve neglected this blog for way too long. So I’m going to try to do something about that. I’m going to loosely promise that I will update this blog at least monthly. Heck maybe I will even do it more often than that. There is so much going on in our lives that I want to share with everyone that wants to know and for many years (even before I met Kelly) this was where I did it, not on Facebook. I’d like to get back to where this is my main place to share and Facebook is just an extension of that. So with that I will start doing some tweaking of my blog to help facilitate the change.

I will still have my blog post to Facebook since there are some people who will never actually visit my website. But I’m going to try to funnel people back to my blog/website as much as I can, because this really is where I would prefer to share my content.

The first change I have made is including a Links section over on the top right of my page. Interesting Links I find will start to be added there, and I will also send those links to my Facebook page. We will see how that works since it’s something a bit new and I haven’t fully fleshed it out. I’ll probably also add some other post format types in due time, such as Images and Videos. I might even add those now…

All of this is so I can try to start keeping my blog as I used to. I’ll post some more later today.

Has it really been 10 months!?

Here we are March 26th and Abigail is already 10 months old? How did this already happen? These past ten months have flown by with our wonderful beautiful girl and my new job! Every day with Abby brings a new day of discovery for both her and us and amazes us to see the growth in her from day-to-day. Waking up and seeing her face as we open the door to her room is always one of the best things of already great days.

Here she is playing in her Evenflo activity center or as we like to call it “Mission Control”. She loves to jump around and play all the sounds while we are cooking or doing other things around the house.

She has become a celebrity over at our favorite restaurant in Orange, The Filling Station. All the staff come by and talk to her and she just adores the attention.

I was looking back at some of my posts from when I was laid off from Time Warner Cable and realized I never talked about my new job. I’ve been at my new job now for 9 months and I’m really happy with them. I’m still training but I now get to work from home and I do some traveling around the country a couple of times a month. I really enjoy the job and all my coworkers have been great to work with as I learn about the company and more about real estate.

It actually ended up working out pretty well that I got laid off a couple of months before Abigail being born I was able to get a lot done around the house and I got to spend a lot of time with her and Kelly after she was born. Plus it’s really nice working from home!

Oh Hey, Hi There

I realize no one reads my personal blog anymore. I’m going to assume that is because I never write anything in it anymore. Well I would like to announce the biggest news in the life of DanGarion since he got married to the love of his life in 2006.


We are going to have a baby!

Vlasic Pickles
Vlasic Pickles


Yes you read that right. Kelly and I are expecting and will be the owners of a brand new spanking baby in and around mid June. How did this happen you ask? Well when a man and a women really truly love each other a stork comes to their door and knocks on it. A stork that looks much like the one one from the Vlasic Pickle jars. He drugs the happy couple and gets them to play patty cake. A couple weeks later the female feels like something is different, she pees on stick and viola pregnancy! From our calculations the stork drugged us around 16 weeks ago, which means the baby pop out right around June 20th. It will be a Christmas Miracle!

Holy shit that is only 6 months away?!?!? Honestly I knew that already but typing it out makes it even more real. I’m excited, for a long time there I wasn’t sure whether or not I really wanted kids (this after always wanting to have kids). But I had been thinking a lot about extending our family this past year, so this was great news to find out.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Other than that big news there isn’t really much more going on. We haven’t seen any movies in the theater since Looper. We’ve been watching some great TV though; The Walking Dead, Homeland, Game of Thrones, and Burn Notice have all been great thus far. I’ve got a number of new Board Games this past year, most recently for Christmas I got, Arhkam Horror, Elder Sign, Confusion, The Resistance, and I’m waiting for two Kickstarter project board games to be delivered Tammany Hall and The Great Fire of London. We’ve been doing monthly game nights on the first Saturday of the month for nearly a year now and it’s been going great.

All of our crazy animals are doing well, Buster, Milo, Rowlf, Elvis, and Sassy are characters in their own way. Sassy is finally starting to come out of her shell after a year of being anti social and she even walks around the house while the dogs are inside, although she still hisses at them, but we’ve come to accept that she will always do that.

I’ve got my garden area expanded with the fence I built in the summer, and now we’ve covered the ground with a layer of cardboard, mulch, and leaves. Now it’s time to wait for the grass to die there and start really growing veggies. Of course time will be limited once summer comes around with the new baby, but we will make it work.

That is about it for now. As always I’m going to promise here that I will be writing more in my blog, and I honestly mean I will try. I’m going to stop focusing on my food blog and start focusing on my personal blog with the coming new year. We will have lots of things to share as things get closer to launch.

Stay tuned…


We are the 1%

I don’t know who to credit this to, but this graphic puts things in perspective. Sure things aren’t great, and yes things need to change but claiming to be the 99% when we are WELL off compared to many others in the world is petty.

We are not the 99%
We are not the 99%

If people would focus more on themselves rather than things we’d be in a lot better place. People want and desire too many material items which places them in debt to those that they are organizing against. Just because you spent over $100,000 on your education doesn’t mean you are entitled to a well paying job. Learn a trade and actually do something that will be a life long skill, school is great but when times are tough hands on skills are what will get you by.

Weekly Cool Links #22 : The $499 Millennium Falcon!

Hey it’s that time again!  The links of the world, link or rama, link a dink a ding dong.  Yeah that wasn’t really funny.  So the last couple weeks were pretty busy.  On February 14th, my parents celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary, and impressive accomplishment in todays world.  Both Kelly’s parents and mine, are great role models to have.  Talking about Kelly and I, we celebrated Valentine’s day with dinner at Mr. Stox in Anaheim and then a night time trip to Disneyland.  Dinner was really good, I had their blue crab cakes and Kelly had the filet of steak.  This weekend we are going to our friend Sean and Amber’s for their daughters 1st birthday party, we haven’t seen them for awhile so that should be fun.  So that’s the update, now on to the links!  Oh wait one last thing, CONGRATS TO DREW BREES!

Food Stuff
For Super Bowl we had a small party with our parents coming over to watch the game with us, I wanted to try and cook buffalo wings, but wasn’t at all in the mood for frying them up, I found this awesome recipe two days before the game for cooking up crunchy buffalo like wings in the oven from Serious Eats, you owe it to yourself to cook them this way!  I also found this cool site that reviews all the interesting snack foods out there called Taquitos.net, they have everything from national brands to regional favorites.  Lastly if you are the type of person that is interested in trying your hand at brewing your own beer check out this quick blurb on Lifehacker about two free open source programs that will help you with your goal.

Music Stuff
I haven’t had much music stuff lately, but I had to share this awesome project that Michael Deal is working on that is a graphical exploration into the Beatles and the creation of their music.  This is a project and any true Beatles fan will want to check out.

Sad Stuff
For those that don’t know the Mars rover Spirit is stuck and can no longer move, so they have pretty much pulled the plug on the project, xkcd has a sad comic to show us that rovers have feelings too.

Funny Stuff
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you might have already seen this, but if not, check out this graphic on How to Suck at Facebook.   I’m proud to say I don’t do any of those things listed, so I must not suck.  If you saw the Google commercial during the Super Bowl (which was my favorite ad) you saw a clever use of their auto complete feature, the site Autocomplete Me turns the auto complete feature into a interesting look at what people search for on Google.

The Lego Millennium Falcon!
The Lego Millennium Falcon!

Cool Stuff
I just found this today but I wanted to pass it on, someone has taken the initiative to educate today’s men on what they need in their wardrobe, with Newbie Fashion Tips for Grown Men.  It really is a good group of tips and suggestions on how to look your best.  Wardrobe Oxygen takes it a step further, but I have to disagree with some their what to remove from your wardrobe section.  I’ve been wanting to get some Lego sets recently to put together for fun and I was checking out the online Lego store, they have a $499 Star Wars Millennium Falcon, a little more than I want to spend (it is 5000+ pieces though)…  I’ve seen a couple places recently selling recycled bottles that have had their tops cut off so you can use them as glasses, here is someone that decided they could just make them instead.  Check out this great article on the 19 Most Complex and Dangerous road in the world, I’ve seen some of these on Top Gear, the Road of Death in Bolivia looks like a bitch.  If you know me you know that Kelly and I met online, so I find the research that OkCupid is doing on their dating site is extraordinary, they recently wrote an article about profile pictures, and I highly suggest anyone that is doing any sort of online dating read their articles, they will help you make a better personal ad.  Example, Men: don’t make eye contact and don’t smile, Women: make eye contact and a flirty face.  And the last of the cool stuff, this blog post regarding the changes to the Crayola color spectrum throughout the years.

Not Cool Sports Stuff
The Chicago Cubs have thought up an complete asshole plan, they are going to charge a 20% premium on those that purchase tickets the 1st week they are on sale, and then after that they will be the normal face value.  Talk about scalping your customers.  I hope we don’t see this become a trend.  (edit, this is nothing new they have been doing it for 8 years.)

Cool Videos
Some geeks have figured out an awesome use for Microsoft’s surface, Dungeons and Dragons!

D&D on the Microsoft Surface from CrunchGear on Vimeo.

Hot Tub Time Machine will be the movie event of the year!

Someone has edited all the violence from the 2010 Super Bowl commercials into one epic Youtube video.

And last but not least does this sound familiar?