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15 Years

So it’s taken me a couple of weeks to finally post this on my personal blog. Not because I’m embarrassed or because I didn’t want to share (since those of you that know me on Facebook already know I announced this) but just because I tend to forget about my blog. After 15 years of service my employer decided to part ways with me. As some of you know last year it was difficult enough in my department because they announced restructuring of the training team, my entire local department (including me) was told they no longer had jobs and we had to basically reapply for the positions we already held to stay employed. Fortunately myself and the rest of my team (except for my supervisor) were all retained. We thought we had made it through everything unscathed. But then they announced another change in my department in December, we were going away from the regional and corporate structure and taking a one department structure. We honestly didn’t think much of it and figured if anything it would be those in the more prominent upper management positions would be the ones that would be affected. On February 15th at 8:45 AM I found out differently. I was called into my HR Business Partner’s office, she closed the door, called my manager, and I was notified that my position had been eliminated. I would be paid out through February 28th, but my services were no longer needed and I had to go home. Being that I’ve had a job since I was 17 years old and in high school, this was a pretty big blow to my ego. I’ve never once not had a job because of the decision of my employer and here they are telling me they don’t want me to work for them anymore. I called Kelly to tell her the bad news and stopped by her work to say hi. As soon as I got home I checked the company careers site and located some prospects for continuing my employment with my company, but it’s going to take at least a couple more weeks to see if things pan out.

Our boys have been keeping me company in the mornings.
Our boys have been keeping me company in the mornings.

I’m staying positive throughout it all. I mean I understand at the end of the day it’s business and due to the work load they had decided to let someone go, due to my skill set up against my coworkers in the field that I train I can understand that I was the one let go. It’s still frustrating, when you’ve busted your balls to learn everything you could to continue to stay relevant. On numerous occasions my director specifically told me that I was one of the few people in the department that was actually taking advantage of the education assistance that the company provided, assistance I was using to further my knowledge and help solidify my understanding of our products to better serve our clients.

Buster and Milo hanging with me.
Buster and Milo hanging with me.

In the past two weeks I’ve had both a phone interview and a 2nd interview for a position back in with my company. I’m keeping my hopes up that things will work out and I’ll be bouncing right back into the company with all my benefits in tact. But in the mean time I filed for unemployment on Thursday and am continuing to look for other opportunities outside of my comfort zone. In addition to the look for work I’ve been working a lot on the house this past week. I did a bunch of painting and finally completed our master bathroom project that had been stalled for a couple of years. This week I’ll be working towards getting Abigail’s (that will be the name of our girl) room done. We are moving the office to the spare bedroom and will be turning the office into Abigail’s room. We’ve picked out the paint and I’ve patched the walls, all that is needed to be done now is get an Ethernet line ran into the spare bedroom and then I can put the desk and computer in there. Once the computer is moved I can sand the patches and get the room painted and start getting some furniture in to make it complete.

Even Sassy is being sweet and looking cute!
Even Sassy is being sweet and looking cute!

Here are a couple of pictures of baby stuff we have already!

I might as well put this time off to good use!

Thanks to anyone that read this, typing it all out and sharing it helps with the frustration of the whole thing.

Dear Internet…

People of the Internet, we have a problem. For too long there have been people who pass along rumors without checking the facts. Sure it sounds like a true story but sounding like a true story and being a true story are two completely separate things. For those of you that don’t know I’ve been using the Internet for nearly 18 years and if there is one truth I have learned from the Internet, it is that if you forward an email from Microsoft, Pepsi, or AOL you will end up a millionaire. Oh wait no you won’t because that was a fucking lie 15 years ago and it’s still a fucking lie today. Also did you know that there is a kid on their deathbed right now that wants to you to send him 1,000,000 postcards and be the postcard king? Wait, wait, wait, that kid never existed?!?!? Oh MY GOD how could someone lie on the Intarwebs???

There are BILLIONS of barrels of oil right in the middle of the good ol U.S. of A. Billions I tell you! Shale Oil is the next big thing!!!!!111!1one

Talking about lying did you hear that congress doesn’t pay taxes, gets paid for the rest of their life even if they only serve one term, and that they feast on the dead but still warm bodies of puppies and kittens?! It’s true my uncle Sam’s friends cousins bosses gardener forwarded it to me, which means it must be true. I once read that the brand new (if 10 years ago is new) gold $1 coins don’t have “In God We Trust” on them. Wait I have one right here, nope there is no In God We Trust on the coin… Oh wait there it is on the fucking edge of the coin. See this is the problem with a large percentage of the general, they don’t really know what they are forwarding.

Dollar Coins "In God We Trust"

The unfortunate part is that many of the people who send these things are actually intelligent people, and I know they meant well when they forwarded along the message, but every person that reads this cutting edge information is another possible fish that might fall for the lies.

My real issue here is who is the idiot that first creates these false sensationalistic stories that tug on our heart-strings, hit on our religious beliefs, or social awareness. Was it really some smart person that thought they could pull a fast one on the me? Or is it some stupid bastard that thinks they can get the pitchforks and torches pulled on the targets of their deceit?

With great power comes great responsibility, and with the Internet it appears as though responsibility has got thrown out with the baby and bathwater.

Please think before you link, or forward.

Here is a list of websites that you can confirm facts on before forwarding along stories that could be deceiving or have misinformation.

Truth or Fiction

By the way, Obama is a US citizen, Congress is held to the same laws as all citizens, the DreamAct would offer amnesty for illegals that join the military or has at least 2 years of college under their belt, AND if we all don’t buy gas one day it won’t do anything since we will buy gas another day… moron.

If you have a friend or family member that sends along emails or Facebook links to lies like those listed above, send them this email next time and maybe they will check their facts before they spread the lies.

Cool Stuff for May 20th through May 31st

These are the cool things I found around the web for May 20th through May 31st:

The Dan Report and Weekly Cool Links for April 20th through April 22nd


Matt Kemp Kills Baseballs!
Matt Kemp Kills Baseballs!


Hey!  It’s Dan of the Garion clan.  How about that Matt Kemp?  He’s been killing the ball.  So my wife Kelly said my blog has been boring since all I post nowadays are links…  Is that true?  Are my links boring, would you rather hear me talk about the Next Great Dancing Crew?  I mean I know I can be funny when I don’t try at all, but can I be entertaining, especially in a world where people watch crap like Pregnant in Heels, Glamour Bells, and Playdates (yes these are all really TV shows, on REAL TV).  WHO THE HELL WATCHES THIS STUFF.  I mean it’s one thing to make fun of it, which is why I religiously watch The Soup (well and that Joel McHale is awesome), but really who watches this type of shit? This will be the only blog that someone says the word shit and then starts talking about Easter.

It’s Easter this Sunday, and I for one welcome our Zombie Jesus overlords.  I’m happy I can get back to swigging soda and chowing down on chocolate now that Kelly no longer has the obligation to give up something she likes for Lent.  Other than that there really isn’t much going on.  The onions in the back yard are just about ready to get cured, we got a citrus tree that seems to be doing well, I fixed the grout in the master bathroom and Kelly is just about done with painting the shelf that our awesome neighbor made for us in the spare bedroom.  Next up we are getting the HUGE birds of paradise plants in the front yard removed and we might be getting sprinklers installed in the front yard as well.

Lastly for those that really know us, be on the lookout for information about our 3rd Annual Fourth of July Party!  Now it’s time for! DUN DUN DUN!

These are the cool things I found around the web for April 20th through April 22nd:


I’ve been really bad on making updates on here lately after being so good for 6 months.  We got Droid X phones to replace our iPhones, they are awesome.  We went on a vacation to Southwest Utah for our 4 year anniversary (I will post pictures soon).  And we are going camping soon.  I’ll write more when I get some time.

Top 25 Albums of All Time

So my friend Ned over at A Futile Mistake challenged those that read his blog to come up with their top 25 albums of all time list.  I made a couple rules for my list so I didn’t pull out too much hair.

I didn’t include the greats (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, etc, because although I love many of their albums, they don’t hit me at the same emotional level as these I’ve done.  I could easily included them and made things even more difficult, but I decided to stick with those albums that really made an emotional connection with me, which is why most the albums are from the mid ’90s to the present.  I also tried not to include duplicate artists but for one particular band that was impossible.  So without further ado here it is.
(The list order would probably be different if you asked me to do it again, but most of the albums would remain the same)
1 Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American
2 Counting Crows – August and Everything After
3 Toad the Wet Sprocket – P.S.: a Toad Retrospective (gotta cheat with a best of, but if you make me choose an album it’s going to be Pale)
4 Jimmy Eat World – Chase Thise Light
5 The Format – Inventions and Lullabies
6 The Postal Service – Give Up
7 Jimmy Eat World – Clarity
8 Gin Blossoms – New Miserable Experience (although my favorite songs are on Congratulations I’m Sorry, this album really helped me through a serious time in my life)
9 Dashboard Confessional – A Mark – a Mission, a Brand, a Scar
10 All American Rejects – Move Along
11 Weezer – Blue Album
12 Plain White T’s – Stop (before they became trendy)
13 Offspring – Smash (introduced me to so many more bands that aren’t even on this list)
14 The Get Up Kids – Guilt Show (or New Amsterdams – Worse For the Wear)
15 Death Cab For Cutie – Plans (for I Will Follow You Into The Dark.)
16 Mae – Destination Beautiful
17 All – Pummel
18 Juliana Theory – Understand This is a Dream (although if you ask me tomorrow it will probably be Emotion is Dead)
19 Something Corporate – Leaving Through the Window
20 Snow Patrol – Run
21 Depeche Mode – Singles 86-98
22 Athenaeum – Radiance
23 Matchbox Twenty – Yourself or Someone Like You
24 Mxpx – Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
25 Jellyfish – Spilt Milk (although Bellybutton kicks ass as well, Spilt Milk was the first JF album I had, these guys were amazing)
Just missed the cut.  They could sneak up on the list if I did it again.  And some lesser know albums that I really liked.
Dishwalla – Opaline
Copeland – Beneath Medicine Tree
Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up the Girl
Fountains of Wayne – Fountains of Wayne
Relient K  - Mmhmm
Jet – Get Born
Hootie and the Blowfish – Cracked Rear View
It was hard keeping bands like the Lemonheads, Smashing Pumpkins, Bad Religion, and Matthew Sweet on this list, but none of their full albums every really hit me as great albums, just great songs.