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The Dan Report and Weekly Cool Links for April 20th through April 22nd


Matt Kemp Kills Baseballs!
Matt Kemp Kills Baseballs!


Hey!  It’s Dan of the Garion clan.  How about that Matt Kemp?  He’s been killing the ball.  So my wife Kelly said my blog has been boring since all I post nowadays are links…  Is that true?  Are my links boring, would you rather hear me talk about the Next Great Dancing Crew?  I mean I know I can be funny when I don’t try at all, but can I be entertaining, especially in a world where people watch crap like Pregnant in Heels, Glamour Bells, and Playdates (yes these are all really TV shows, on REAL TV).  WHO THE HELL WATCHES THIS STUFF.  I mean it’s one thing to make fun of it, which is why I religiously watch The Soup (well and that Joel McHale is awesome), but really who watches this type of shit? This will be the only blog that someone says the word shit and then starts talking about Easter.

It’s Easter this Sunday, and I for one welcome our Zombie Jesus overlords.  I’m happy I can get back to swigging soda and chowing down on chocolate now that Kelly no longer has the obligation to give up something she likes for Lent.  Other than that there really isn’t much going on.  The onions in the back yard are just about ready to get cured, we got a citrus tree that seems to be doing well, I fixed the grout in the master bathroom and Kelly is just about done with painting the shelf that our awesome neighbor made for us in the spare bedroom.  Next up we are getting the HUGE birds of paradise plants in the front yard removed and we might be getting sprinklers installed in the front yard as well.

Lastly for those that really know us, be on the lookout for information about our 3rd Annual Fourth of July Party!  Now it’s time for! DUN DUN DUN!

These are the cool things I found around the web for April 20th through April 22nd:

Who Watches This Crap?

So I was at my local breakfast burrito establishment this morning minding my own business enjoying a bacon and sausage breakfast burrito when the TV was changed to VH1 MTV and America’s Best Dance Crew was on. This really got me thinking, who actually watches this crap on these channels, and what do these shows have to do with music videos? VH1 has shows by the name of Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and Celebrity Fit Club. While MTV has the aforementioned ABDC along with My Super Sweet Sixteen, The Hills, and A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila… WTF?!?! It’s bad enough just a couple weeks ago I was kidding with Kelly regarding the recent movie Step Up 2 Takin it to the Streets Electric Boogaloo, joking how I don’t believe there is some underground sensation of dance crews here in America and this must be a joke. I mean I could just see it break down like the scene from Boy n the Hood where the guy flashes his gun and then they all break out into a perfectly choreographed dance sequence! Talk about brilliance! Was Boy n the Hood the one with the guy named Pookie? I can’t remember, maybe that was Step Up 2, hell maybe it was Step Up and Menace II Society that I’m thinking of.

I just checked my facts and Pookie was the character that Chris Rock played in New Jack City! Anyway I still can hardly believe that there are actual dance crews that fight crime on the streets with their crazy dance moves, but I guess I have to be thankful for these crews since one of the crews has been fighting the deadly blood red river streets of Irvine, CA for the past 16 years!!!! We have Kaba Modern to thank for Irvine being the 4th safest city in the US. And with that I leave you a picture of the typical Irvine, CA family. Typical Irvine, CA family