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Linkmeter Smoker / Stoker Project

I found a really cool stoker project to make for my smoker and the past month and been working on putting all the pieces together to make my own HeaterMeter Linkmeter. This isn’t my design, I first found it on Reddit when someone mentioned it in the BBQ subreddit. Since then I had it on the back of my mind to try and get my Linkmeter in use for summer and here we are only a couple weeks from summer and I’m on the home stretch. In addition to the GitHub and Reddit mentions it’s probably most important for me to mention this forum thread on The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board where the creator of this project and those that want or have made the device offer support. Also I have lots of thanks for my dad on being the brains behind the actual electrical part since I’m not an electrician, he worked on PCBs and appliances for almost 40 years so he’s an expect when it comes to this all, I’m a novice.

Linkmeter In Pieces
Linkmeter In Pieces

Soon enough I will have this all put together and hopefully it will be doing what it’s supposed to do not long after that! What is it that it does you ask? Well a stoker regulates air flow into the smoker to while keeping the pit temperature at the desired temp. So basically instead of me having to wake up every hour or two on an overnight smoke I can just set this and forget it (well not have to worry around it was much).

Wish me luck!

Cool Stuff for May 2nd through May 17th


These are the cool things I found around the web for May 13th through May 17th:

– And now in video!.

  • The night sky in 37,440 exposures – Yahoo! News – Story about the amazing Night Sky picture.
  • Photopic Sky Survey – Amazing, 360 view of the sky, by an amateur astronomer and photographer.
  • A Guide to American Barbecue Sauce Styles | Serious Eats – Everything you want to know about Barbecue Sauce in the USA!
  • This song is the most awesomest thing in the world.

  • Game developer David Braben creates a USB stick PC for $25 – Video Games Reviews, Cheats | Geek.com – Need a cheap computer?
  • Where to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster – Map – NYTimes.com – Find out where to live if you don’t want to deal with them.
  • Make Some Extra Cash from Your iPhone with Gigwalk [Jobs] – Pretty cool way to earn some extra cash, now where is the Android app!?
  • Logos Redesigned For What The Company Actually Does – Somewhat funny.
  • Well, At Least Netflix Is Being Realistic – I find humor in this. Netflix cancel survey includes Torrents and Bootleg DVD optons.
  • YouTube – Cancer is finally cured in Canada but Big Pharma has no interest, watch it ’till the end! – This is one reason I hate how things work.
  • Cool Stuff for February 3rd through February 7th

    These are the cool things I found around the web for February 3rd through February 7th:

    Weekly Cool Links #20 I Slept With Tiger Too!

    I have a terrible secret to share…  I slept with Tiger Woods!  Oh wait, no I didn’t.  So how about that Tiger Woods?  He had himself a big stable of women throughout the country, if not world that he was banging as he pleased, while he had a beautiful model at home as well.  Talk about a slimeball, oh well I guess I won’t be rooting him on any longer.  But look at the bright side, I have a bunch of Chicks links this week!

    For those of you that didn’t see the pictures I posted 2 weeks ago, we put up our Christmas lights, we also got our tree decorated (pictures will be posted at the end of the month).  The past couple weeks we have been taking care of our Christmas shopping and also prepping the house for the first of what will be many Christmas parties our house will be the host of.  This Sunday is my dad’s side of the family’s Christmas party, we should have about 20-30 relatives in attendance.  And then on Christmas day we will have a party for my mom’s side of the family, which will be a bit smaller but will also include Kelly’s family (actually both parties will include Kelly’s family) and any friends that want to come over.  Work is winding down for the year as goals have been met and projects have been completed, I’m happy to say I still have a job that I enjoy although this year was a lot different from the previous two years due to the lack of new hires our department had to train.  Kelly’s business is doing well, although we did have a decrease in business compared to 2008, but we are in good standing.  All the animals are happy and healthy and we are all looking forward to the new year.  I’m proud of myself for keeping up with my Weekly Cool Links project, even though it’s not quite as ‘weekly’ as it claims to be, I hope someone out there finds some entertainment in me sharing what I find interesting.  Lastly my Eat in OC project has been doing great, I typically have around 5000 visits a month and I’ve made some major inroads with gaining new readers.  I’ve been linked to on a number of local websites, and high-profile local blogs, and in addition my articles are routinely linked to in the Orange County Register’s Community Blogs section which is only 5 links deep from their front page, how many others can say something like that?  I’ll probably post one more time before the year ends, but for now let’s move on to the rather large links section!

    Lifehacker had a great article on maximizing Thanksgiving leftovers that will also prove useful with Christmas leftovers.  While over at Slashfood they had 4 fast recipes for making great Tomato sauces.

    Tiger Woods’ Women, er I mean Chicks
    Some of these links may not be safe for work, or family friendly.  But this is my blog so if you don’t want to see possibly scantily clad women don’t look at the links in this section.  If you are related to me and offended, oh well, I’m sure you have something else you can be proud of me for, get over it… ;)
    Twitter is a wonderful tool for communication and for people to share pictures with, some pictures are more interesting than others as you can see from this collection of Hot Chicks that use Twitter for the powers of good.  I do not approve or disapprove of their use of Twitter…  Maybe Twitter chicks aren’t your thing?  How about Chicks dressed in various NFL Team Jerseys?  What’s that?  You like farm girls?  How about German farm girls that model to help German agriculture?  Here you go.  Personally I like my girls a little different from the norm.  Lastly there is the Internet’s Girlfriend…  Funny how I’ve been on the internet for 15 years yet hadn’t heard of her till recently.  One suggestion for her site, more pictures like this and less like the one on the top of her website…

    lingerie-bowl-pics-teamIt got so bad at Notre Dame this year that after they fired Charlie Weis they went straight to the big man in the sky and offered him the head coaching job.  The Onion reports that Jesus Christ himself turned down a 3 year multimillion dollar offer to coach the Fightin’ Irish.  Maybe he was just holding out for the right job?  Such as this Head Coaching position with the Lingerie Football League!

    Virgin Galactic has launched their official site for the space travel, complete with Spaceship Two pictures and information on the roll out.  Never would have thought space travel (even of this kind) would be available to the general public in my lifetime.  Lifehacker had a number of cool informative posts the past couple weeks, including Fixing Your Relatives Computer, Guide to Avoiding Online Scams, and the Most Popular Top 10s’ of 2009.

    I read three comics online; Order of the Stick, Dilbert, and xkcd.  I’m particularly fond on one of the Dilbert comics from this week, because it’s how I feel at my job sometimes.
    75993.strip.printAnother one from this week that really hits the mark is this one regarding the use of FAX machines.  As for xkcd I have to give some love to ‘Daylight Saving Time‘.  Looking for a last-minute gift for a friend or loved one?  How about, How to Date a White Woman or the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book?  All these and more really do exist!  If you are single and looking for a Russian Mail Order bride one of the companies involved has started to compare them to celebrities!  Now you too can date a girl that sort of looks like Jessica Beil!  Just make sure you ask them these 10 questions from Deadspin before you ask her to marry you, it will save you a lot of heartache.  And lastly, now that you got your celebrity look a like wife, it might be a good time to reflect upon those stupid things you did when you were young and might regret someday

    My website is currently sponsored by Bitch Slap The Movie!, in theaters: January 8th, 2010!

    If you know anything about the movie, commercial, or TV show business you might find some humor in this.

    I love reading Maximum PC and listing to their podcast, I love this video someone put together from Gordon’s rant of the week regarding the Apple Tablet.

    And last but not least at all, the Space Shuttle is awesome and this high quality video of the STS-129 launch is worth spending 15 minutes to watch.

    STS-129 Ascent Video Highlights from mike interbartolo on Vimeo.

    Oh and Merry Christmas!


    Weekly Cool Links #17 – Windows 7 Edition

    Two Weeks in a Row!  Two Weeks in a Row!  Ok, now that I’m done with that.  USC beat Notre Dame last week, it was nail biter of a game al the way through, but the better team ended up with the victory.  On Sunday, Kelly and I went up to Oak Glen (near Yucaipa) to do our annual apple picking.  Unfortunately all the u-pick farms were closed due to a hail storm that knocked off the blossoms.  So we ended up getting some pumpkins and also some apple cider and headed to Victoria Gardens instead.  Tomorrow we are having a Windows 7 Launch Party!  Should be fun reason to get together for no real reason, other that to watch the USC game.  I’m going to cook bangers on the grill and we even have some door prizes for those that bring the digital cameras with them.  Lastly I put a job bid in for a System Engineer position here at work.  We will see what happens, I’m not looking to leave my department, but I’d like to get back to a more technical role if the price is right.  Lastly, I really want to go make some beer at Brew Bakers, maybe someone could get me a gift certificate to do that…

    Now, on to the links!

    TV Stuff
    If you have ever wanted to know more about the themes that make TV writing then I highly suggest to take a couple hours to browse and read around TV Tropes.  It’s especially a great read for anyone that’s ever wanted to learn the tricks of the trade for writing anything from Comics to TV.

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, what’s the difference?

    Music Stuff
    Looking for music like the music you like?  Check out Musicovery, a music discovery service.  Doing a search for Jimmy Eat World on there actually links me to a number of other bands I’ve also enjoyed throughout the years.  Pretty impressive.

    Here is a funny music video

    Chicks Man
    If you are interested in attractive philologists, check out Hot for Words.  She’s not really my type, but hey I know there are a lot of you out there that like big boobed blondes.

    Check out these chicks melting ice.

    Food Stuff
    Lifehacker had an article this week on 10 Simple Freeze Tricks to Save You Time and Money.  Info and links about what can be frozen (Broccoli yes, Onions No) to how to make your freeze more efficient.  It’s a good starting place for many people.

    Windows 7 Stuff (Tech Stuff)
    So yesterday Windows 7 was released.  I’ve already been using it for 3 weeks and think it’s pretty great, especially the 64bit version because nothing beats using 8 gigs of RAM on a computer (except 16 gigs).  A number of websites had guides for Windows 7, but Lifehacker’s Complete Guide to Windows 7 is the most comprehensive, plus it links to lots of other great starting points to learn more.  If you are looking for a more historical look at Windows, you have to check out Maximum PC’s 50 Best (and Worst) Moment’s in Windows History.

    Funny Stuff
    Check out Life’s pictorial on 30 Dumb Inventions, how about those screaming tomatoes, and to think people follow that crackpots “religion”.  I only read Maxim magazine for the articles, that’s why I’m sharing the 10 People in Every Office article they recently posted.  Lastly check out Stuff White People Life and Photobomb for some more funnies.

    Oh no the Pixar lamp killed the letter I!