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Adventures in Bad Restroom Design

Little did you know that not only am I professional trainer and locally famous food blogger but I’m also a public restroom design critic. Poorly designed restrooms have been one of my pet peeves for a number of years, but only just today have I made it known to the visitors of my website. But what do you expect when you have jackasses designing restrooms that apparently have never attempted to use the restrooms they design.

First lets start off with the overall clearance issues from the toilet bowl to the paper dispenser. If an adult is unable to sit straight on the toilet because the toilet paper dispenser is in the way of the person’s leg there is an issue. Next if the toilet paper dispenser is placed in a location that requires one to bend over as they are sitting on the toilet to an uncomfortable angle and still struggle to reach and pull out toilet paper something is wrong. Look I realize talking about taking a shit aren’t really something most people want to air in public, I’m not really interested in it either, but who else is going to fight for you on the terrible design of bathroom stalls, surely not Obama or Romney.

Poor Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Kramer Bathroom Design
Poor Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Kramer Bathroom Design
Poor Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Kramer Bathroom Design
Poor Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Kramer Bathroom Design

You may not be able to tell from the picture but there was probably less than 6 inches of clearance from the toilet and the dispenser. Also where the toilet paper comes out of the dispenser is not only below every fucking person in the worlds sightline, but also it’s lower than the toilet rim itself. Who is the moron that signed off on this? It’s not like it saved them any money to put it lower, it’s just a poor design decision. I actually have to pull the toilet paper out from under my leg to get it.

Poor Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Kramer Bathroom Design
Poor Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Kramer Bathroom Design

Then there is the guy whose job it is to decide how much paper towel dispenses from the automatic paper towel dispenser. This guy is one heck of a penny pincher. He’s decided that in order for someone to dry their hands they need 8 inches of paper towel. Little does he know that if your hands are actually wet because you actually washed your hands a normal grown adult probably needs about twice that. But by the time you’ve been tortured by the bathroom stall and tricked by the paper towel dispenser you are fed up enough that end up just throwing your hands in the air and give up.

Where was this wonderfully designed bathroom you ask? At the brand new multimillion dollar hospital and medical offices of Kaiser Permanente on La Palma, known as the Anaheim Kramer Hospital and Medical Office. Bravo KP, Bravo…

We are the 1%

I don’t know who to credit this to, but this graphic puts things in perspective. Sure things aren’t great, and yes things need to change but claiming to be the 99% when we are WELL off compared to many others in the world is petty.

We are not the 99%
We are not the 99%

If people would focus more on themselves rather than things we’d be in a lot better place. People want and desire too many material items which places them in debt to those that they are organizing against. Just because you spent over $100,000 on your education doesn’t mean you are entitled to a well paying job. Learn a trade and actually do something that will be a life long skill, school is great but when times are tough hands on skills are what will get you by.

Dear Internet…

People of the Internet, we have a problem. For too long there have been people who pass along rumors without checking the facts. Sure it sounds like a true story but sounding like a true story and being a true story are two completely separate things. For those of you that don’t know I’ve been using the Internet for nearly 18 years and if there is one truth I have learned from the Internet, it is that if you forward an email from Microsoft, Pepsi, or AOL you will end up a millionaire. Oh wait no you won’t because that was a fucking lie 15 years ago and it’s still a fucking lie today. Also did you know that there is a kid on their deathbed right now that wants to you to send him 1,000,000 postcards and be the postcard king? Wait, wait, wait, that kid never existed?!?!? Oh MY GOD how could someone lie on the Intarwebs???

There are BILLIONS of barrels of oil right in the middle of the good ol U.S. of A. Billions I tell you! Shale Oil is the next big thing!!!!!111!1one

Talking about lying did you hear that congress doesn’t pay taxes, gets paid for the rest of their life even if they only serve one term, and that they feast on the dead but still warm bodies of puppies and kittens?! It’s true my uncle Sam’s friends cousins bosses gardener forwarded it to me, which means it must be true. I once read that the brand new (if 10 years ago is new) gold $1 coins don’t have “In God We Trust” on them. Wait I have one right here, nope there is no In God We Trust on the coin… Oh wait there it is on the fucking edge of the coin. See this is the problem with a large percentage of the general, they don’t really know what they are forwarding.

Dollar Coins "In God We Trust"

The unfortunate part is that many of the people who send these things are actually intelligent people, and I know they meant well when they forwarded along the message, but every person that reads this cutting edge information is another possible fish that might fall for the lies.

My real issue here is who is the idiot that first creates these false sensationalistic stories that tug on our heart-strings, hit on our religious beliefs, or social awareness. Was it really some smart person that thought they could pull a fast one on the me? Or is it some stupid bastard that thinks they can get the pitchforks and torches pulled on the targets of their deceit?

With great power comes great responsibility, and with the Internet it appears as though responsibility has got thrown out with the baby and bathwater.

Please think before you link, or forward.

Here is a list of websites that you can confirm facts on before forwarding along stories that could be deceiving or have misinformation.

Truth or Fiction

By the way, Obama is a US citizen, Congress is held to the same laws as all citizens, the DreamAct would offer amnesty for illegals that join the military or has at least 2 years of college under their belt, AND if we all don’t buy gas one day it won’t do anything since we will buy gas another day… moron.

If you have a friend or family member that sends along emails or Facebook links to lies like those listed above, send them this email next time and maybe they will check their facts before they spread the lies.

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