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15 Years

So it’s taken me a couple of weeks to finally post this on my personal blog. Not because I’m embarrassed or because I didn’t want to share (since those of you that know me on Facebook already know I announced this) but just because I tend to forget about my blog. After 15 years of service my employer decided to part ways with me. As some of you know last year it was difficult enough in my department because they announced restructuring of the training team, my entire local department (including me) was told they no longer had jobs and we had to basically reapply for the positions we already held to stay employed. Fortunately myself and the rest of my team (except for my supervisor) were all retained. We thought we had made it through everything unscathed. But then they announced another change in my department in December, we were going away from the regional and corporate structure and taking a one department structure. We honestly didn’t think much of it and figured if anything it would be those in the more prominent upper management positions would be the ones that would be affected. On February 15th at 8:45 AM I found out differently. I was called into my HR Business Partner’s office, she closed the door, called my manager, and I was notified that my position had been eliminated. I would be paid out through February 28th, but my services were no longer needed and I had to go home. Being that I’ve had a job since I was 17 years old and in high school, this was a pretty big blow to my ego. I’ve never once not had a job because of the decision of my employer and here they are telling me they don’t want me to work for them anymore. I called Kelly to tell her the bad news and stopped by her work to say hi. As soon as I got home I checked the company careers site and located some prospects for continuing my employment with my company, but it’s going to take at least a couple more weeks to see if things pan out.

Our boys have been keeping me company in the mornings.
Our boys have been keeping me company in the mornings.

I’m staying positive throughout it all. I mean I understand at the end of the day it’s business and due to the work load they had decided to let someone go, due to my skill set up against my coworkers in the field that I train I can understand that I was the one let go. It’s still frustrating, when you’ve busted your balls to learn everything you could to continue to stay relevant. On numerous occasions my director specifically told me that I was one of the few people in the department that was actually taking advantage of the education assistance that the company provided, assistance I was using to further my knowledge and help solidify my understanding of our products to better serve our clients.

Buster and Milo hanging with me.
Buster and Milo hanging with me.

In the past two weeks I’ve had both a phone interview and a 2nd interview for a position back in with my company. I’m keeping my hopes up that things will work out and I’ll be bouncing right back into the company with all my benefits in tact. But in the mean time I filed for unemployment on Thursday and am continuing to look for other opportunities outside of my comfort zone. In addition to the look for work I’ve been working a lot on the house this past week. I did a bunch of painting and finally completed our master bathroom project that had been stalled for a couple of years. This week I’ll be working towards getting Abigail’s (that will be the name of our girl) room done. We are moving the office to the spare bedroom and will be turning the office into Abigail’s room. We’ve picked out the paint and I’ve patched the walls, all that is needed to be done now is get an Ethernet line ran into the spare bedroom and then I can put the desk and computer in there. Once the computer is moved I can sand the patches and get the room painted and start getting some furniture in to make it complete.

Even Sassy is being sweet and looking cute!
Even Sassy is being sweet and looking cute!

Here are a couple of pictures of baby stuff we have already!

I might as well put this time off to good use!

Thanks to anyone that read this, typing it all out and sharing it helps with the frustration of the whole thing.

We are the 1%

I don’t know who to credit this to, but this graphic puts things in perspective. Sure things aren’t great, and yes things need to change but claiming to be the 99% when we are WELL off compared to many others in the world is petty.

We are not the 99%
We are not the 99%

If people would focus more on themselves rather than things we’d be in a lot better place. People want and desire too many material items which places them in debt to those that they are organizing against. Just because you spent over $100,000 on your education doesn’t mean you are entitled to a well paying job. Learn a trade and actually do something that will be a life long skill, school is great but when times are tough hands on skills are what will get you by.

The End of Gowalla…

Go out, go discover, go share, Gowalla!
Go as in AWAY from Gowalla

For those of you that don’t know I have been an avid user of Gowalla (and Foursquare) for well over a year. I first started with checkin apps when I discovered Foursquare, I loved the concept of being able to track where I had gone for my personal benefit but also I enjoyed sharing cool places I went to with others that I socialized with. When I discovered Gowalla I was impressed and felt they took the Foursquare concept to the next level with the addition of pins and really nice looking stamps and badges that you could collect for your Gowalla page. Sure these weren’t real tangible but I still thought it was neat. For a months I would check in on both Gowalla and Foursquare. Then Gowalla came out with what I thought was the killer app they incorporated a way to checkin to both them and other sites at the same time, I no longer had to spend time checking into two applications. Since then I’ve been almost exclusively a Gowalla user (except when I checked on Foursquare to make sure I got checked in).

Unfortunately today my use of Gowalla ends. It appears with the next version of Gowalla 4.0 they have transitioned their business away from the checkin application and decided to become a travel guide. Now when I log into Gowalla and attempt to checkin to where I am the first list of 20 or so places I see are “Recommended places”. Which is Gowalla speak for places that have paid us money to make sure you see them instead of where you actually are. That’s great Gowalla, good for you! You have discovered a business model that has completely alienated they majority of your userbase, the locals. If I wanted to use Gowalla as a travel guide I shouldn’t be forced to use it that way because although I love Disneyland I don’t need to see every Disneyland location near me instead of the places I am actually next to.

Why did you fuck up so bad? Because you didn’t actually try it out with your CORE users before you screwed it all up. Changes like this are something you test out with users that are willing to try out new things, you don’t just change it and tell your users to deal with it. Wait that isn’t exactly what you said. You told the users reading your blog that there has been a “Fabulous response”, I don’t think you are reading the same response I’m reading, because the majority of the responses on your blog have been negative. You have completely alienated the userbase that created the database you now use as your travelguide. More power to you for taking advantage to our two years of patronage to create yourself a business model that will be the end of you.

Bye Gowalla.

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Win or Lose

Fight On!
Fight On!

We will always have the USC Trojan song girls to cheer us up.  Terrible loss by the Trojans this weekend, but honestly I didn’t think this team was as good as some of the last couple teams we’ve had.  The defense was very suspect this week.  Here is to bouncing back.  Looking forward to UCLA in a couple weeks, maybe we can continue their winless Pac-10 streak…

Weekly Cool Links #15 – Protecting Marriage by Banning Divorce?

Well another two weeks have passed by and it’s once again time for my weekly cool links!  But first what’s happening in my life.  Last Saturday I had some friends come over and we watched the UCLA, Notre Dame, and USC games, let’s just say when the day was done and USC ended up beating Ohio State my day was complete.  Besides that, I went to the dentist for the first time in over 10 years (a number of different reasons why I didn’t go for so long) and fortunately for me I didn’t have any major issues with my teeth, but I did have to come in a second time for extra cleaning.  We sent to the Orange International Street Fair on the Sunday before Labor Day, I have pictures from our fun, and hopefully I’ll get those posted soon.  We are planning a trip to Ireland next year, probably some time around May, and should be purchasing our tickets any day now.  That’s about it here, so now on to the links.

Politics / Funny
2010 CA Protection of Marriage Act, someone has decided to take protecting marriage one step further by trying to get a bill on the ballot to ban marriage.  Sure it’s to poke at the Prop 8 people, but honestly, divorce ruins marriage and hurts more children then any gay marriage ever would.

Cool Stuff
Comparisons of Inaugural Addresses, this is a pretty cool diagram of every presidential inauguration speech that compares the words used against all the other presidential inauguration speeches.
Handwriting Tips Penmanship – NYTimes.com, I’ve always been fascinated with handwriting and really liked this article about how the human mind sees it, and the best forms of handwriting to use so people can understand it.  I’m glad the writing I use is already considered the most efficient.
Online Dating Advice: Exactly What To Say In A First Message « OkTrends, for all my single friends out there, looking to score online, this is a must read.  They analyzed a number of 1st messages sent on a dating site and found the words to use or not use to get the most responses back.
Swingvine shows you what’s popular on the web, right now.

Tech / Funny
Penn & Teller, this iPhone application will trick your friends into thinking you have Penn & Teller on your speed dial to help you do magic tricks.

Funny Stuff
Hot Chicks Picking Up Dog Shit
, Taking hot chicks with douchebags another direction.  Also don’t forget to check out their sister site, Hot Chicks with Dogs with Boners…  Sadly I’m not kidding.
Probably Bad News: News fails, because journalism isn’t dying fast enough.
, I’ve been criticized for my writing abilities, but these guys get paid to write…
What Stormtroopers do on Their Day Off | WildAmmo.com
, Who hasn’t wondered what they do?

Food Stuff
Food In Real Life, Great site that compares what’s on the box, to what’s in it.


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