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FOX and ABC Won’t Air Ad With Normal Size Women In It

The ad in question.

So why won’t they air this Lane Bryant ad, but air just about any Victoria’s Secret ad?  My guess is that they don’t like real women with real bodies to be in bras and panties! (NO NOES!)

I mean come on they are airing this VS “The Nakeds” ad right now and it’s not any less ‘risque’.

By the way, Weekly Cool Links will return later today!

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What I Watched end of 2009 / What I’m Watching early 2010

Here we are somewhere near the middle of the 2009-2010 TV season, so I figured it’s a good time to talk about what I watched and what I’m watching now.

Dollhouse: The second (and final) season was rushed, but even with that, Joss Whedon and company was able to put together a better season than the first. I’m happy to have watched such a good show, although I was still a bit confused with the end. Here is my list in order of favorite Joss Whedon shows; #1 Buffy The Vampire Slayer #2 Angel #3  Firefly #4  Dollhouse.

Who doesn't want a Colonial Viper?

Battlestar Gallactica: Although I hadn’t mentioned it on here (did mention it on Facebook) I finally got into watch the new creation of Battlestar while on vacation last year.  Season 1 was awesome and some of the best Sci-Fi TV I’ve ever watched.  Season 2 was good, 3 sort was just ok and dragged on.  The final season (4) was good, but the finale was a bit of a let down.  I tried to watch the new show Caprica which was set 50 years before BSG, but the first episode was too slow to get me interested in it.

Other shows that have basically ended or been canceled that I enjoyed watching were Better Off Ted, which was the smartest comedy to be on TV for years, and Scrubs, which was a lot different this year, but really had started to come into its own with the new cast of characters.

Out of the comedies we’ve been watching lately, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother remain my favorites.  Big Bag Theory produces laugh after laugh, and I highly entertained by the character Sheldon Cooper.  How I Met Your Mother hasn’t been as good as BBT, but remains a show that I look forward to, let’s just hope that we can actually see some stories of Ted with the mother.  ABC’s new shows, The Middle and Modern Family have also been highlights of the week.  But in my mind the best new comedy of the season is Community.  Sure Joel McHale is the “star” of the cast, but this is a show that goes nowhere without the rest of the cast members, the guys that play Troy and Abed are comedy gold, and their little end of show after credit bits are some of the funniest things.  Lastly I can’t forget the Office, which has lost some of its luster in my opinion due to Michael Scott, but is still a show that we are drawn to watch.

I’m not even sure where to begin with the dramas we watch, even though I consider them more niche than just dramas.  There are Action Comedies, Action Dramas, and Science Fiction.

Action Comedy

Chuck: I’m so happy to hear that the numbers for Chuck this season appear to be good enough to keep it off the cutting room floor.  Chuck has been really good for this season, except for the most recent episode that was shown before the Winter Olympics started.  Having Sarah fall for the new guy, is just stupid, especially when everyone knows that she loves Chuck and he loves her.  Not to mention I’m not really at all happy that they have Lana Lang guest starring.  But other than those two stupid subplots, the main plots have been great.

Action Dramas

24: TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!  I guarantee you that we will be hearing this line within the next 5 episodes, especially since there is actually going to be a bomb.  Pure action, pure Jack Bauer, what more do you expect after this many seasons?

Burn Notice: The secondary plot for Michael Westen hasn’t been one of my favorites, but it’s still one of my favorite action shows.  Highlight from this season, Bruce Campbell’s CSI: Miami impression…

Human Target:  I wasn’t really sure what to make of this when I saw the previews, then last minute I set it to record and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.  Christopher Chance is an interesting character, and I’m happy they leaving a lot of his past a mystery.  It’s just pure action, but just enough character development to get you to really enjoy the characters.  This is the best new Drama of the season.

Science Fiction

Eureka: Has been picked up for 22 episodes in mid 2010.  Other than that, the woman who was playing Sheriff Carter’s love interest got a new show but then it was canceled, so hopefully that means they will lend up bringing her back.  This is really an entertaining show.  I still miss the guy that played Stark though.

Lost: It’s the final season, and things are sort of being explained, such as the numbers…  Well they weren’t really explained more so just brought up again in another context.  The most confusion this season is why do we keep seeing clips of them back in the US, while the show is still on the island.  I think the clips are what ends up happening once everything is set back at the end.

Fringe: This is one of the shows I most look forward to.  The whole two worlds colliding thing has been done before but the way it’s done makes it so entertaining.  Things are really starting to pick up with the colliding part.
Erica Durance the Amazon Princess...
Erica Durance the Amazon Princess...

Smallville: On its 9th season, you wouldn’t expect this show to improve and actually change.  One of the biggest issues with Smallville has always been that it had too much high school teen angst.  Much of the angst has been dropped, which has led to this season of Smallville being what I consider the best season ever of the show.  With episodes like Absolute Justice.  It also doesn’t hurt when they have Erica Durance dressed in a Wonder Woman like costume…

V:  Dragged on for the first couple episodes, then it was already done till the spring.  There really needs to be some more to it as it stands.  ABC dropped the ball with the scheduling.
Flash Forward:  Another ball drop by ABC.  How can you not air a show for a three-month stretch and expect people to continue to show interest.  I’m intrigued with the story, but dread it’s going to end up being canceled after the season ends (if they even stick with it).

So what have you been watching?  What have you enjoyed?  What has disappointed you?

Weekly Cool Links #21.3 Got Any Grapes?

Ok, this one is really short, since I’m just tying up loose ends and finishing on the cool links.

Chicks Stuff
What is a blog post without me commenting on the current crop of hotties in the AskMen.com Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2010?  You don’t need to answer that question, but here are my thoughts.

#97 Sasha Grey one of the best looking adult stars around.
#96 Diora Baird something looks wrong with her face…
#89 Denise Milani hello whoever you are.
#88 Angelina Jolie still don’t think she’s that great looking.
#86 Kristen Wiig Really? She’s pretty, but really?
#82 Jessica Simpson *scratches head*
#81 Whitnet Port who and why?
#79 Anna Paquin more please!
#76 Kristen Bell has such a pretty face.
#74 Eva Longoria one of my favorite “Latinas”.
#71 Sophie Monk looks like plastic face.
#70 Tricia Helfer it’s amazing the range of looks she has, she always looks different.
#61 Anne Hathaway she should be higher!
#58 Christina Hendricks and her golden globes (sorry I had to do the joke again…)
#53 Emily BluntJohn Krasinski has good taste.
#51 Taylor Swift she’s cute but there is something weird-looking about her.
#44 Emily Scott are those real?
#42 Kim Kardashian say whatever you want, but you can’t say she’s not hot.
#40 Zooey Deschanel super cute.
#37 Giada De Laurentiis I’m just including this one for Kelly.
#34 Salma Hayek still reins in my top 10!
#28 Heidi Klum there is something about Heidi that always makes me smile when I see her. She’s just an all around cool woman.
#27 Jessica Biel taking place of my Julia Roberts obsession of women with big mouths.
#24 Adriana Lima I know she’s pretty, but she doesn’t do much for me.
#23 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett, my lovely Scarlett…
#22 Keeley Hazell not really known stateside, but she’s the looker.
#21 Kristen Stewart WHY? She always looks like a drugged out whore…
#18 January Jones she’s only the 3rd of 4th best looking woman on Mad Men…
#17 Natalie Portman she’s starting to lose it to me.
#16 Kelly Brook another UK girl, that’s not really known in the states. She’s sort of losing it too.
#15 Erin Andrews eh.
#12 Gisele Bundchen another beautiful woman who just doesn’t do it for me.
#11 Megan Fox she isn’t as hot as the Interwebs thinks she is.
#10 Miranda Kerr I say yes.
#9 Eva Mendes still a gem.
#8 Cheryl Cole it’s another girl from the UK, bring them on!
#6 Beyonce no.
#5 Jessica Alba hell yeah.
#Alessandra Ambrosio one of the best looking VS models of all time.
#3 Kate Beckinsale now we are talking!
#2 Marisa Miller BUZZ! Wrong!
#1 Emmanuelle Chriqui she’s up there, but I’m not sure I would pick her #1.

Video Stuff
This one is for my wife.

Weekly Cool Links #21.1 Hello 2010!

Wow, here we are already nearly three weeks into the new year and I haven’t graced you all with the inaugural 2010 Weekly Cool Links.  I’d like to apologize to you, my fans and ask for your forgiveness!  But really, I had more important things to do the last couple weeks.  Like celebrate my birthday and take a vacation from work.  Kelly and I also celebrated our 5 year anniversary of meeting, last night.  We were going to go to dinner but due to the weather we stayed in and ordered delivery from the Chinese restaurant around the corner from our house.  After the weather cleared up we headed to the Starbucks at the circle in Orange (Orange Plaza) and had some coffee, just like we did 5 years ago when it was Diedrich Coffee.  Let me see if I can remember what else has happened the past month.

My new bike.
My new bike.

We celebrated Christmas at home, having two family Christmas parties, you might have seen the pictures from my previous post.  For Christmas Kelly got me and awesome bag for me to use for work, along with some cooking books I really wanted, a circular saw, and some clothing.  It was a really awesome Christmas.  For my birthday I got a new bike.

Raised vegetable bed.
Raised vegetable bed.

Kelly and I used my new saw and build two raised beds for our vegetable garden this year.  We’ve already planted some onions, and are waiting for March to add the tomatoes and peppers I get at the annual sale that Fullerton College has.  That just about wraps up most of the things we have done the past month.  So I guess it’s time for the Weekly Cool Links!  Just an FYI, there is a lot of stuff to share this week, so I’m going to do something different and break this up into a couple posts the new couple days.

Cool Stuff
Lifehacker put together a kick ass table of when is the Best Time to Buy Anything, from Homes in the winter (hey that’s what we did!) to Jeans in October, it’s a great list for those that are looking for when the best deals normally are.  You say you aren’t interested in buying anything, well how about these not so cool porn ideas (safe for work), don’t miss “The Making of You” staring Mommy and Daddy with special guest Uncle Bill…  I was going to post a bunch of “best of 2009” links, but this guy did all the work for me, so I’ll just link to him.  I was hoping I would be on the 30 best blogs of 2009, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the 2010 list.  Continuing with the theme of lists, Gizmodo posted their list of the worst gadgets from the past decade, a lot fo great ideas but they just ended up sucking.

Cool Advertising
I have some American Apparel shirts (well they are shirts from places that print their shirts on AAs) and I’ve always been fascinated with their unique marketing strategy, from using porn stars to having androgynous looking models, they cover it all, which is why this collection of their hottest ads (possibly not safe for work, but nothing graphic) is included here.

Cool Food
One of the books Kelly got me (and my brother in law Dominic) was the 1st volume of the Good Eats books, by Alton Brown, I’ve loved reading the book and wanted to share this great Good Eats fan site (it’s poorly designed but still a great resource).  Talking about food, Lifehacker shared this article of Six Kitchen Skills You Can Pick Up This Weekend.

Cool TV
Chuck and 24 started up last week, Burn Notice starts tonight, and someone is selling a barely used late night show…  By the way even though I don’t watch much late night, I with Coco.

Cool Sports
The Hall of Very Good has some great stuff about good baseball players, that aren’t quite Hall of Famers, or shouldn’t be Hall of Famers.  I liked the guy, but Eric Karros should not have receive 2 votes for the Hall of Fame.

Cool Videos
I know he’s gone, but his trip to Seattle was delayed because of an annoying USC fan.  (I’ll miss you Pete!).

The Unaired 1994 Pilot of 24!

This reminds me of calls I get sometimes when Kelly is having an issue with the computer at home… ;)

All these guys are trying to do is be Helpful!

Stay tuned for Weekly Cool Links #21.2 tomorrow!

Actress Christina Hendricks
Actress Christina Hendricks

Oh yeah the Golden Globes were the past weekend, and according to the Internet these were the only globes being talked about…